Centralised Match for Advanced Training in

Geriatric Medicine in Victoria 2025

The Centralised Match for training in Geriatric Medicine in 2025 will be run as a single-round match, rather than the two-round match held in previous years. It will be a match for multiple RACP specialties, not just Geriatric Medicine.

The match will open on 10th July 2024, coinciding with the release of RACP clinical examination results. The outcome of the match will be published on 28th August 2024.

The dates of the centralised match are determined by the tIming of the RACP clinical examination results. The decision to move to a single match was taken as to avoid commencing the match in the first four months of this training year, with the view that this would be too early in the year for Advanced Trainees to make decisions about future training.

Continuing trainees will continue to receive priority for ongoing employment and hence the opportunity to complete physician training.

Assoc. Prof. Benny Katz

Director, VGMTP



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