VGMTP Bulletins will be available following meetings of the VGMTP Board of Studies and of the VGMTP Advisory Committee. Please feel free to distribute them. They may be found at

The VGMTP Advisory Committee met on 9th May 2024.

The Advisory Group oversees the operation of VGMTP; comprising chairs of each alliance and representatives from Department of Health (our funders), St Vincent’s (the lead hospital), ANZSGM and other key stakeholders.

The Board of Studies focuses on delivery of the educational program and recruitment.

Recruitment of Advanced trainees to Regional Health Services

VGMTP has been highly successful in increasing the number of trainees in Victoria, but the success has largely been in metropolitan Melbourne. In the 2023 Centralised Match only 7% of Victoria’s Advanced Trainees were matched to Regional Health Services. Non-metropolitan regions comprise ~23% of Victoria’s population and has an older age profile and higher burden of disease than metropolitan Melbourne. Data presented to the Advisory Committee reveals that there are enough accredited positions in regional Victoria, the problem is in recruiting to these positions. VGMTP has attempted to secure additional funding to establish a fourth VGMTP training alliance focusing on Regional Victoria, without success thus far.

VGMTP convened a meeting on recruitment to regional Victoria on 9th May 2024. A Council of Regional Health Services will be established to develop a unified recruitment strategy. In the interim regional Health Services are encouraged to work within the VGMTP alliance structure, looking at opportunities for rotations between metropolitan and regional sites.

VGMTP on-line

Trainees may attend training via tele-education, and selected sessions also have face to face options. VGMTP’s on-line resources have been expanded, including the introduction of highlights videos produced by our Fellows in Geriatric Medicine together with a broad range of video recordings. The total viewing time of these resources in the first 3 months of 2024 exceeded 116 hours, nearly double for the same period in 2023.

Appointment of Director of Training of the Northern Training Alliance

Rohan Wee has been the Director of Training of the Northern Training Alliance since 2014. He will step down from this position in June 2024 when he takes up his new role of Co-Director of VGMTP.

Following a formal process of recruitment, the Committee of Management of the Northern Training Alliance announced that Dr Kim Jeffs was the successful applicant. Kim will commence her new role in June 2024.

Kim will enhance the skills-base of VGMTP. In addition to her strengths in education and supervision of advanced trainees, Kim has a PhD in delirium, and holds senior roles in Northern Health including chair of the SMSA.

Centralised Match for training in 2025

The centralised match formally opens on 10th July 2024. Please visit the Centralised Match page for more details.